The basics of publishing (let’s face it) are just not going to change. To produce a quality book, you need to start with a quality manuscript. You need an experienced, professional editor. You need designers to turn it into an attractive and readable product.
After that—that’s where the fun starts.
At Brown Books Digital, we take manuscripts and give them new faces, and new places that they can go. In addition to heading to the printer, your book can head to electronic devices to begin its portable, digital life.



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We provide formats custom-designed for the:
Kindle, iPad, iPhone , Sony Reader, Nook plus more!

  Enhanced eBooks:
As the line between computer program, book, and media experience blur and move, the enhanced eBook will become the new standard for published media. Your book can also head back to the drawing board for an enhanced eBook package with interactive media, graphics, sound, and art. This is where the magic really happens: children's books with characters who speak to your kids; a biography of a musician with sound and video playable from inside the electronic pages of a chapter; a business book with interactive and modifiable graphs and charts.
An interactive slice of your book can become an app, available for download on any of the millions of smartphone devices running in the world today.
  Interactive Websites
Our Web Development and Design services provide various solutions from selling your book with accepting credit cards with the PayPal Merchant Services , to having people learn about you the author and the book. With our professionals and expertise, we would make sure your goals and visions would turn into reality.